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The University of Dammam is located in Dammam city in Saudi Arabia and was established in 1975. Recently in 2016 its name has been changed from University of Dammam to Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University. This university is growing at a very fast rate is known to be in the list of top ten universities in Saudi Arabia and among the top five hundred world universities. The university has various educational programs in different disciplines. The number of disciplines taught in this university is very high so most of the students will find any one discipline in which they want to pursue their undergraduate or graduation courses. It has a total of nineteen colleges and they are divided into four discipline majors which are as follows Science and Management, Health, Arts and Education and Engineering.

Despite how attractive the university might look and feel the student can give you the most honest answer about the realities of student life in any particular college or industry. First of all the most monumental task a student faces is getting admission to such big universities by clearing tough entrance exams. After all that the student gets buried under homework and assignments.

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