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The Stock Valuation and Audit is a very essential part of the financial management of a company and all the calculations regarding this is included in the balance sheet of the company. The Stock Valuation is done once at the end of the business financial year and an internal team also performs stock evaluation every quarter as well. The Stock Valuation is necessary because an external audit is performed which checks all the financial records and transactions to find any error. The Stock Valuation and Audit report are also released to the stakeholders so that they can understand the current financial status of the company. This evaluation is also important in some cases of mergers and acquisition as well. The Stock Valuation and Audit is a part of the inventory management and it allows the company to keep track of all the raw materials and already developed products that are available in the stock.  Well, the Stock Valuation and Audit assignment help service is going to help you understand a lot about this subject.

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