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In the kingdom of Riyadh, Al Yamamah University was established in 2001 to provide the higher education in Saudi Arabia. In a short time the university has attained the success by providing the best education and hiring selected staff. With the support of higher education ministry, the university is providing equal scientific specialties to both the male and female students. The highly qualified and experienced teacher encourages best learning environment. Engineering, law, architecture and business administration are some courses that are provided by this university. The university aims to develop scientific learning, innovation, creativity and professionalism. Thus, it conducts several research programs to enhance the knowledge of students in these fields.

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Today, every university and college conducts various research programs for different subjects. As these researches require critical thinking and analysis, it enhances the knowledge of students in that particular area. Teachers believe that this is one of the best ways to make the students aware about each and every aspect of their field. Thus, it has now become a common way to develop the minds of students.

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