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The term Public relations, when viewed in the context of a business, is simply a process of sharing of information between the business and public. Whenever we talk about advertising and marketing, then we think about spending resources, on the other hand, most of the times the techniques involved in public relationship management are free. The public relations are a part of the whole brand management subject. To understand this subject with examples will be easier. Let's suppose there is a company who has already a product available on the market and that product is created after recycling waste products. Then the task of a public relations team will be to interact with the customers and to let them know the reason behind the company's decision of recycling by using different tactics. There are many different techniques used in public relations management and you can learn more about them by using our Public Relations assignment help service. Here we are just naming a few of them.

  • Media Communication
  • Journalism
  • Newsletter
  • Social media marketing
  • Blogging and digital marketing
  • Event management
  • Press release

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