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The Prince Sultan Aviation Academy is one of the best options for students who aspire to become a part of the grand aviation industry. It is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and was incorporated in year 2004. The Prince Sultan Aviation Academy has tie up with Saudi Arabian Airlines and many of his students are directly placed on good position. Aviation industry consists lots of opportunities. It provides education and training for ground crew, technical jobs, flight operations and flight training.

Education in this academy is very hard because it requires both theoretical and practical training as you have to be the best to serve in airline industry. The faculties and trainers here are experienced and have worked themselves in this field of work.

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Schools and colleges have made everything time bound and made a student's life stressful. Students don't have time to take proper diet; they survive on minimum sleep and still try to remain consistent and persistent to achieve their ultimate goal of joining the aviation industry of Saudi Arabia and travel at great lengths in air to other countries.

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