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The university was formed in 2006 to build the career of the Gulf students in the fields of engineering, human studies, science, business administration, law and MBA programs. The university has the vision to break the boundaries between business society and academics.  To ensure this the teachers take the help of new technologies and innovative methods in order to develop the core skills of students. PMU follows the model of North America in which its education system runs on the basis of credits that is decided according to the weight age of the course.  Thus, it becomes important for the students to attend the specified number of classes.

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While applying any new system teachers mostly ignore the future consequences that will be faced by the students later. In order to fulfill the university goals they completely forget about the personal goals that students set for themselves. The credit system is one such problem that is developing slowly in almost all the university and college. It takes all the time of the students as they are forced to attend the regular classes due to which they are left with no time to complete their other tasks on time as they invest more than half day in taking classroom lectures.  Later, these pending assignments, projects and homework, make their life problematic because they are never submitted on time.

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