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The subject of Personnel Management is often confused with the term human resource management but those two are different subjects, although focused on accomplishing the singular task of managing employees in a different manner. The Personnel Management is more of a traditional approach towards management of the workforce in which it was considered as an administrative task and employees were not considered resources rather they were considered as cogs in the machinery. Students are not able to write an assignment on this topic because these days most of the organizations have implemented human resource management and there are very less online resources to study the subject. Well, if you are also confused due to an assignment on this subject, then you should definitely use our Personnel Management assignment help service.

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The Personnel Management method of managing the employees is a very limited one because they treated the employee like a tool. The administrative duties involved hiring the employees, providing them with training, paying compensation and salary on time and listen to their complaints and resolve them. They thought of employees as just a part of the machinery and when the employee is no more capable to churn out the same productivity as his youth then that employee would be replaced. Whereas the human resource management involves a much wider scope and they treat the employees as an asset to the organization. They hire qualified employees and also provide them with the resources to develop their own skills so that they can feel valued, and be satisfied with the work. This subject is very important for those students who are pursuing master's in business administration in Human Resource Management so we suggest that you should use our Personnel Management assignment help service. 

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