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The MODUL University was established in 1904 to give the education in the areas of communication, hotel management, travel and tourism, sustainable development and international management. It is a renowned university as it is giving the best educational services to the students from all over the world. The university conducts various educational and research programs to render the vocational training to the students of different fields. The faculties develop the new strategies to bring out the best in Gulf students. Every day they come up with new norms to satisfy the needs of the particular subjects and building up new challenges for enhancing the creativity, innovation and knowledge among students. For the sustainable success of the students, the management is formulating new methodologies every day.

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Courses like media communication, hotel management, travel and tourism, sustainable development and international management are in popular trends these days. Hence, more and more colleges are providing degrees in these disciplines. With the aim of providing the best education in these areas, universities are following different methodologies. But understanding these methodologies is getting tough for the Gulf students. It is necessary to walk with the upcoming trends, but when the method is difficult then it seems almost impossible. Gulf students are trying their best to come up with these impossibilities, but due to these methods, they are not able to follow the required procedure of their assignments and thus their assignments are not getting submitted on time.

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