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Middlesex University Dubai came into existence in the year 2005. The students from over 100 nationalities are part of this reputed and renowned university. It renders undergraduate and postgraduate degree in a wide range of subjects like graphic design, journalism, finance, marketing, law, psychology, accounting and many more. The gulf students have so many options to choose from. The education system of the university promises to work for the ambitions of students and building strong learning skills in them. For this, the university is making every effort by giving the challenging task to students. They are asking students to make the innovative research papers.

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The teaching pattern of Middlesex University Dubai is influenced by the Middlesex University London. The procedure of teaching is similar in both the universities. That means that assignments and projects are also given in the same pattern. An important thing to bring to the notice is that students studying in both the universities are not same; it may be possible that students in London branch are able to cope up with their regular assignments but the students of Middlesex University Dubai are facing problems every day. It is not easy for them to complete their assignments and homework on time as they do not understand the teaching method of the university. The teachers are following the norms of university without thinking that their students are not enough capable of performing those tasks. To follow the deadline of their assignments has become the challenging task for them. They keep themselves busy in their assignment work and forget about the regular topics that they have to cover.

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