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The Marketing Intelligence and Planning is a collection of different methods, tools, and techniques to find out the data and information subject to a particular market segment and then utilizing that information to create a strategy to achieve the sales goals. We at Gulfassignmenthelp know that the task of writing assignments could become hectic sometimes so we are offering the students with Marketing Intelligence and Planning assignment help service. This is a professional academic writing service that is provided to students at a very low cost. 

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The Marketing Intelligence and Planning is a very confusing subject because it involves a lot of concepts similar to other subjects, but its main task is to gain insights based on the data collected and also performing an analysis on the basis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to a company's brand or product. This analysis is known as SWOT analysis. The need for Marketing Intelligence and Planning is required for certain events such as.

  • When a company tries to deploy its new marketing strategy to increase the market segment and thus increasing the market penetration of the product
  • Launching a new product or modifying or redesigning an old product for increasing sales and customer satisfaction
  • Increasing the number of products based on a centralized theme and it can also be seen as diversifying an already existing product line

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