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Well, if you are a novice and don't have a proper idea about this topic, then let's understand its basics of Market Penetration

The term Market penetration is a metric or value to calculate the real or factual number of customers who are using a product or service in comparison to the total number of possible customers that can use that particular product. Apart from this Market Penetration also includes various marketing activities and strategies that are used to increase the percentage of market share of a specific product or service. 

To understand this in a simple way you can take an example, if there are total hundred people in a particular market segment and out of that 15% are already using your product then the market penetration of that market segment will be considered 15% and the other 85% can be termed as probable customers. So, the market penetration shows the actual value of customers using a product.

There are various market penetration techniques that can be used to increase the number of people using the company's products. These techniques involve increasing the size of the market segment, advertising, promotion. Cost reduction or applying many other marketing strategies as well. Creating different products to reach to new customers is also a market penetration technique. You can get a deep insight into various other marketing strategies by using our Market Penetration assignment help service. The Gulfassignmenthelp has been helping students to understand such subjects in a simpler way by providing them guidance through our online tutoring service. 

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