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Inflation is a term of the subject of economics and it is measured in percentage. It indicates the increase in the annual rise of prices of goods and services of a country. When the prices rise the purchasing power of money decreases. This topic is correlated with many other concepts which are used in accessing the financial standing of a country's economy. This subject is included in the financial management courses and most students seek for professional Market Inflation assignment help service. Therefore, Gulfassignmenthelp is providing homework help on this subject and we also assist the students in understanding the working of the economy on a global scale. Inflation can be a good and a bad thing for a country depending on other factors. It affects the common lives of people and also affects the development of the business. If you are going to work in the financial sector as an analyst, manager, banker or with the government then you need to pay attention to the concepts related to the economics of nations and their effects on trade of services and goods on an international level.

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The concept of inflation might seem too complex to some students, but you can understand with an example. Suppose you have a hundred dollars and you can buy five books on the subject of economy from that money. One year later the book's price increased and now it costs fifty dollars so now you can afford only two books in the same amount of money. So, if you saved your money at home and it gave you no returns, then the purchasing power of your money went down. The rate of inflation is closely related to the concept of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of a country. There are five different stages of inflation and those stages are named as follows.

1. Creeping Inflation

2. Walking Inflation

3. Galloping Inflation

4. Hyperinflation

5. Stagflation

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