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The term Marginal Costing means that the price that is an extra expenditure incurred in producing one extra unit. Suppose a company produces a hundred products per day and one day it produced a single product more than the cost of that production will be known as the marginal cost or extra cost. If the per product cost of the item is greater than the marginal cost then is more beneficial for the company to produce that one item in higher quantity until and unless the per product cost equals to the marginal cost.

When a company produces a number of products, spends money on hiring employees, sales and marketing, and many other expenses then it expects the profits to rise. So, the break-even point is the event when the cost of production equals to the earning that means a point where profit equals loss. So, the Marginal Costing and Break-Even analysis assignment help service explains the concept of balancing the costs and the revenue of the company and this calculation helps in profit maximization. 

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