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The establishment of Jazan University was done in 2006 to bring the modern touch educational opportunities for the people of Saudi Arabia. The programs were set in accordance to develop the new technologies in the local world. The university has its other campuses in Farasan, Abu Arish, Al- Daer, Sabya and Al- Ardah. Diploma and bachelors degree are being offered in the various field of engineering, science, medicine, computer, architecture, design, pharmacy, business administration, humanities and arts. The main focus of the Jazan University is to achieve the academic excellence internationally and to develop the minds that can bring the best economical and social development in future.

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 The faculties are working hard to fulfill the university vision by teaching the students about modern techniques and daily introducing them with new technologies but do all these methods promise success? No. Jazan University is providing many different courses which should be taught with different methods but these days teachers are following the same criteria of teaching by which students are facing serious problems. With the similar teaching method and less practical trainings, it is getting difficult for them to understand the base of their topics.

As a result, they are taking more time in completing their homework and assignments due to which they are not able to achieve the desired position in class.

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