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There are many businesses who are expanding their business and trying to sell their products and services in the foreign market. But to make their product successful in foreign countries they need to do proper research and formulate a proper International Product Policy. A product policy is simply a set of rules, regulations, and guidelines which decide how a product or a service is going to be promoted to a particular set of possible customers. Before designing a product policy surveys are done to find the target customers and also try to perceive if the product is going to match the expectation of customers or not. To sell a product in foreign markets is a tough thing and that is why students are asked to write assignments on this topic. But if you are confused about this homework, then you can avail International Product Policy assignment help service which is provided by the online company Gulfassignmenthelp

Basics of International Product Policy:

Whenever a product is created it is designed according to the home market, but when the company is trying to launch it in other countries then there are many things that need to be done. Research has to be done to check the product feasibility according to the geographic location, earning and financial status of people, needs, religious and ethnic beliefs, weather conditions, food habits etc. For example, if a clothing company is selling its fashionable wear in its home country where the climate is mildly cold will differ a lot if the company decides to launch the same product in a place where the weather is extremely cold and people prefer a certain clothing material as well. So, before a product launch, a company's marketer has to look at the marketing mix that could achieve both the company's revenue agenda and customer needs fulfillment as well. So now you have a brief idea that why is the International Product Policy is so important. There are many other legal and taxation related factors as well, so to learn more about this subject you should use the International Product Policy assignment help service. This is a professional online assessment help service that is rendered by Gulfassignmenthelp.

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