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In every company or organization, a yearly financial report and statement is created and issued at the end of the financial year. That financial statement shows all the ups and downs a company has faced in a financial year. This statement is also audited by internal and external auditors, both to find any discrepancy in the calculation of the assets and liabilities of a company. Another financial statement is released every six months or for a time period leases than a year and it also helps to assess the performance of a company on the basis of its revenue generated, losses and the net profits. These Interim Reporting statements are created so that the common people, stakeholders, and investors can know the detailed information about the performance of a company. The Interim Reporting statement also does not go under any auditing process. This whole process is very long and you can learn more about it with the assistance of the expert tutors available under our Interim Reporting assignment help service.

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