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Every company has lots of assets and liabilities. When an asset of a company listed on the balance sheet at a certain price, but the selling price of that asset in the market is too low then that asset will be known as an impaired asset. Such assets are not good for the financial health and stability of a company because these assets are kind of a loss, reflecting on the company's balance sheet. The impaired assets cause a very bad impact on the company's goodwill as well. There are also organizations which make sure that this does not happen. The International Accounting Standards Board has created a set of rules and regulations which are known as International Accounting Standards and there are various variations of it. The IAS 36 and 38 are two sets of those accounting standards which are applied to companies to stop the impairment of assets. If you are too confused about this topic and want the assignment to be handled by expert tutors then you should use our Impairment of Assets assignment help service.

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