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Hafr Al-Batin Community College was inaugurated in 2000. The college offers the scope of education in the departments of electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, business administration and evaluation technology. The faculties of Hafr Al-Batin Community College are giving more attention to engineering technology and computer science, so as to raise the communication and computing needs of the Saudi Arabia companies. They give the full knowledge about the fundamentals of computer hardware and software, methods techniques and their application. The main aim of the college staff is to build the strongest base of knowledge in students of computer technology.

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As we have noticed that the teachers in Hafr Al-Batin Community College are paying more attention to computer science and technology so that they can establish better communication for the companies in Saudi Arabia and to achieve this goal they are putting a lot of pressure on the students by giving them unusual assignments and homework and by teaching them new concepts every day. This has become the points of concern for the experts of Gulfassignmenthelp as they know how difficult it is getting for the students to adepts this teaching environment. Hence, they are not able to work on their skills and losing their interest towards the subject.

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