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A share is a small unit of ownership interest in a company which gets you the appropriate returns in the form of dividends. Every company has a board of directors, sponsors and investors. When a company decides to expand it requires more funding and to gain those funds the company releases its shares which give the investors a part in the ownership of the company in return for their investment. Equity shares are also like normal shares and people getting dividend at regular intervals as decided by the company policy. Investing directly in the equity market is considered risky for short-term investments. So, managing an Equity Portfolio is a tough task. You can easily understand its concepts and to complete assignments on this topic, you can use the services of our portfolio management tutors to get Equity Portfolio assignment help services. 

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The shareholders who own equity shares are the original owner of any company and the board members are just representation them. The portfolio can be simply defined as a group or collection of different investments which are decided according to the risk appetite of the customer or the company. So an Equity Portfolio can be said to be a portfolio in which a major part of the investment is done in equity stocks. A person or a company can also invest in the equity by investing in a mutual fund. There are some mutual funds which invest in a wide variety of equity stocks so as to decrease the chances of loss by using the concept of fund diversification. Some of these mutual funds are index funds and liquid funds. Investing in the equity market for a short-term is risky and the chances of profits are also less. But if the company or individual is capable of taking a risk and stay put for the long-term, then making an equity portfolio is a wise choice. So, if you want to learn the basics of this subject, then you should also use Equity Portfolio assignment help. It will provide insights into the most fundamental concepts of Equity portfolio management.

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