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The inventory of a company includes all the raw material required for production, unfinished products, and finished products etc. Every company has some orders or pending consignments for product delivery so they already keep a certain number of products in their inventory so that they could deliver on time. If there are too many items in the inventory that means higher stock and less costs of ordering again and again but the storage and maintenance cost are increasing. On the other hand, if the stock is less than the company has to order frequently to complete their orders. This increases the cost as well. So, an optimum amount or quantity is required to be maintained in the inventory neither too low and neither too high. So, the formula of Economic Order Quantity helps in determining the right set or amount of various goods that should be maintained in an inventory. If you also have to calculate the right values on the basis of a case study, then we suggest that you should immediately order your assignment under our Economic Order Quantity assignment help service.

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