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Shares are the smallest indivisible unit of the capital investment in a company that is held by shareholders. The company issues its shares for the first time when it goes public and that event is called an Initial Public Offer (IPO). The shares can be of different types in terms of returns, but if the company grows steadily, then there is a return on a share. So, the term Earnings Per Share signifies the total revue or income of a company divided by the total number of shares issued. The Earnings Per Share is a very important term or value to measure the productivity and financial profits of a company. If you have to write an assignment on the topic of Earnings Per Share then you need to understand various concepts related to shares and shareholders and also have to indulge in the task of researching this topic. If you want to skip the part of assignment writing, then we suggest that you should use our Earnings Per Share assignment help service. We are going to provide you the required assistance in completing your homework and our expert tutors will also help you comprehend the working of shareholding and stock market investments. 

If you are a shareholder then you are entitled to get a small part of profit earned by the company. A person who invests in the stock market in different companies uses Earnings Per Share as a tool to measure the return value of a particular share. The more is the value of the Earnings Per Share the more the company is earning profits and thus the investors will also get good returns on those shares. The number of shares available in the market keeps changing so another formula of weighted Earnings Per Share is calculated. In this formula, the total dividends distributed by a company are subtracted from the net revenue and then the resulting value is divided by the number of outstanding shares. A well-informed investor takes a look at the Earnings Per Share and then compare it to the Earnings Per Share of other companies to get a better perspective on the profitability of a company and its shares. The whole process seems simple, but when the assignment includes analyzing past and present data of shares of a particular company then it becomes too complex and, in that case, you should use the Earnings Per Share assignment help service offered by Gulfassignmenthelp.

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