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Curtin University is the largest university in the region of Western Australia. It has expanded since 1986 and developed its campuses in Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia. The university provides various academic courses like Health, Environment, Creative Writing, Energy and Resources.  The university gives the experience of the practical field in these areas. The Curtin University comes in the second position for providing the best education in the field of engineering.

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Every UAE student has a dream to study in the world's best college or university. But due to the daily changes in the education system, they are not able to take initiative for taking their academic life one step ahead as their life is stuck between assignments and studies. In the field of technology, the students should be given more practical knowledge as it will help them to develop their intellectual knowledge. Curtin University is known for giving the world-class education to Gulf countries students since 1966 but their methods have changed according to the present norms of the educational system. It is getting difficult for the students of Gulf countries to adopt these changes. With every passing day, their performance is depreciating and the reason behind this is their hectic life.

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Tough syllabus and assignments are not allowing Curtin university students to live a stress free life. Every assignment and project brings a new challenge for them, which take all their relief away. We have noticed that it is getting harder for the UAE students to focus on both practical and theoretical aspects and thus they are trying hard to find the best way to come out of this problem soon.

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