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Businesses and companies often release shares in the market to get funds from investors and they have to pay back the profit to those shareholders. The shareholders are the legal owner of a certain percentage which is equal to the equity shares. Mostly the companies share their income or earnings among the shareholders, but if the total earnings are not shared and a part of that profit is kept safe in the company then this will come under the retained earnings. These retained earnings can be used by the company to fulfill its losses, loans or for reinvesting into the company. As the percentage of retained earnings increase the shareholder's number of shares or share equity also increases because it is the investor's money that the company is using to manage its financial tasks. If the profit is not retained, then that money could be used by the equity shareholders so it is as if the company took advantage of an opportunity. And a certain cost has to be paid to retain those profits and this whole calculation is called Cost of Retained Earnings. Well, if you got confused with this concept, then you should use our Cost of Retained Earnings assignment help service so that we could help you in completing assignments. 

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