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This university was established in 2004 with the motive to provide education to all Middle-East students. It is the first postgraduate university in this region. For keeping its education standards higher it offers numerous masters and Ph.D. courses to all the UAE students. It gives a chance to all Gulf countries students to study the different areas of education. But the question is,

How much beneficial it is for the UAE students?

It is appreciable that the British University in Dubai has come up with so many different courses. It is a good opportunity for the UAE students to choose the relevant course for them. Every course brings its own comforts and consequences and when students select any course out of it, they have to face the challenges that it will bring in the future. The students of Gulf countries are facing the similar problem they know the benefits of courses, but they are not aware of the things that they have to handle that is attached to a particular course. Thus, they are unable to do their assignment work. Also, they are facing problem in doing homework. Their poor performance has proved that their concepts are not clear.

We appreciate the efforts of all UAE universities that they are trying hard to set higher educational standards in their region, but it is equally important to put the same efforts on the students so as to maintain the quality of education in their university.

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