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The Gulf College is situated in Muscat, Oman and it provides degree in a four year program in Contemporary Issues in International Political Economy - GSP5003 . Students are looking for any kind of guidance which can help them put their assignment writing worries to an end. The Contemporary Issues in International Political Economy - GSP5003 which is available to study at Gulf College is all about the economic history and rules and regulations used in communication of money or wealth transfer and its political implications in East Asia. Money played a very important role in previous political changes in all of Asia so students can take lessons from mistakes done in history and can utilize them in the current scenario. Students are also taught about the subject of International Political Economy and many students find these subjects very hard to grasp because all the study material provided by the college is written in very Standard English language. Students of Oman don't have such expertise in English language as they are more fluent in their native language such as Arabic.

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