Write about the ICV system and the current functionality -

Question: based on CIPS, Write a project paper with 10,000 words .. about project team who develop enhance the current IN-COUNTRY VALUE(ICV) CERTIFICATION SYSTEM to be able to generate reports and quick analysis based on stored data .. as an initiative to the Procurement department in the organization.

Project Outline:
Executive Summary
• What are you talking about
• How you did your research
• What did you find/how critical
• How you fix (Conclusion &Recommendation)

Introduction & Objectives

Write in general about the company (ADNOC)
o Introduction to ADNOC
o About the ADNOC Procurement Department
o Current Situation of reporting (manual)
o Scope of the assignment:Based on the developed ICV management system for certification, using the captured information to generate reports for:
• ADNOC In Country Value spend against its contracts
• ADNOC In-Country Value commitment from the awarded suppliers in future contracts
• ADNOC role and social contribution in creating job opportunities in the private sector
• GDP impact of the UAE from ADNOC's procurement from the local market
• ADNOC role in Small and Medium Enterprises development
• Top tens of Service Providers/Manufacturers in ICV in different industries
• Emiratization trend (headcount + spend)
• Investment made in which sector/industry + value
• Export activities + value
• Report on areas where there is high spend (identify if local/Int'l) to analyse demand/supply
• In-system bidding to choose Certifying Bodies (include negotiation button)
• ICV forecast in the coming years
• Purchase values and manufacturing cost spend in the UAE per Emirate against the outside the country with its respective
• Number and spend on the local & Expat manpower per supplier per Emirate
• Investments made in the UAE per Emirate and the growth made every year
• Revenue generated from outside the UAE

Literature Review

• Write about the ICV system and the current functionality.
• Current situation of reporting (manual)
Please refer to attached (Literature Review)

Methodology &Finding What type of research is conducted (primary & secondary)? (KSA-Oman-Qatar)
Do research on similar topic regionally for comparison Add/amendthe attached (Research) results.
How it affect organization brand (image)?

Testing methodology

• Stakeholders Questionnaire
• Results and Discussion
• Summary of Benefits & Challenges

Analysis on Findings
Project Timeline
The Team
Value contribution of the project Analysis of Internal and External Factors of project implementation
Suppliers Spectrum
The Kraljic Matrix
Action Plan

Opportunity Prioritizing matrix
Risk Analysis Risk Analysis + Mitigation
RAG Matrix

Ethical practice Explain how CIPS ethics can be applied.
Elaborate about handling sensitive information

Conclusion What was identified


What do I suggest
What can be improved
What would you do differently

Reference List

Question 1: what are the added value brought to ADNOC through this project implementation (ICV Management System)?

Question 2: how precise do you think the application reporting and insights generation will change the analysis/way/look compared to the current conventional way of analysis/generating reports?

Question 3: from your view, what are the lack of information/difficulties faced in getting some information related to your function?

Question 4: how the current information can support in the current procurement/business activities?

Question 5: Do you think adopting enhanced mechanism of reporting supports in making better decisions for ADNOC and image (reputation). If yes, how? (Foreseeing the future)

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