Write a cover letter to introduce your questionnaire and

BUS307 Research Methods Assignment - Emirates College of Technology, UAE

Part 1 -

The ECT wants to analyze the degree of satisfaction of students with distance-learning. As a student who takes classes in the Research methods course, you are asked to help the ECT to design a questionnaire.

Q1: Write a cover letter to introduce your questionnaire.

Q2: Design a questionnaire: ask 10 questions to measure ECT students' satisfaction with the current online courses. Use different types of closed ended and open ended questions.

Q3: Design the coding for this questionnaire.

Part 2 -

Q4: Explain the processes of deduction and induction by giving an example of each.

Q5: Provide an example in which you use the following variables (label each variable).

- Dependent variable

- Independent variable

- Moderating variable

- Mediating variable.

Attachment:- Research Methods.rar

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