Write a brief description of the project and concepts and

1. Project name(topic):

2. Introduction:Write a brief description of the project and concepts and contexts to be discussed later intheproject. (Template is in second page)

Abstract: Write a brief summary of the Project. Answer the question: What is the project about? Write two to three paragraphs only. (400 words, 3to5 Keywords)

Table of Content

Introduction: Write a brief description of concepts and contexts to be discussed later in the project. The objective in this section is to familiarize the reader with the topic covered in the project. An ending paragraph will be dedicated to describe the structure of the manuscript.

Research Problem /Issue/ Question: What management problem/real situation/issue did you identify in the project?

Research Objectives: If you will break down the management problem into smaller questions, what would they be?

Methodology used: For each question above, what do you need to do to answer the question? What kind of information do you need to gather? What analysis tool do you need to use to process the information you gathered?

Project Discussion
Project Discussion/Facts: What information do you think is relevant to the questions you asked? What information have you gathered from other sources that would be useful to answer the questions?
Project Discussion/Analysis: Using the tools you identified in ‘Methodology', analyze the information from the project facts. What are the answers to the questions? (Use outputs/results of the methodology followed).

Study the answers to the questions. Go back to the real situation/management problem. What solutions/recommendations/insights/conclusions can you offer to solve/describe/explain the problem/issue/real situation? Compare solutions/alternatives (when possible) and justify your positioning.

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