What is the sampling design that can be used; probability

Question 1: Suggest the appropriate sampling design (Probability/Nonprobability Sampling) and identify the sampling Techniques that would be used to investigate the following issues:

a. A company wants to investigate the initial reactions of heavy soft-drink users to a new "all natural" soft-drink.
b. Students in ECT wants to conduct a graduation project to explore student satisfaction regarding courses timetable. The study involves a sample of 400students that are easy to contact and reach.
c. UAE would like to know the effect of Covid19 vaccine taken by various age groups in Abu Dhabi.

Question 2. A corporation consists of the following personnel:
• 18 directors
• 20 managers
• 22 supervisors
• 340 workers at the senior level
Answer the following questions.
a) what is the sampling design that can be used; probability or nonprobability? Why?
b) What is the expected sample size ? how do you decide?
c) It is decided to perform a Proportionate Stratified Random Sampling. Provide the details of the sample in this situation. ( 3 marks)

Question 3: Answer the following two questions:
A) Design a short questionnaire asking about two characteristics with four Likert scale questions to measure ECT students' satisfaction with the college Timetable.
B) Design the coding for this portion of the questionnaire.

Attachment:- Research Methods.rar

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