What is the return on the institution and the employee when

BUS 305 Business Law - Emirates College of Technology


Business Ethics

Jason Trevor owns a commercial bakery in Georgia that produces a variety of goods sold in grocery stores. Trevor is required by law to perform internal tests on food produced at his plant to check for contamination. On three occasions, the tests of food products containing peanut butter were positive for salmonella contamination. Trevor was not required to report the results to US Food and Drug Administration officials, however, so he did not. Instead, Trevor instructed his employees to simply repeat the tests until the results were negative. Meanwhile, the products that had originally tested positive to salmonella were shipped out to retailers. Five people who ate Trevor's baked goods that year became seriously ill, and one person died from a salmonella infection.

Answer the Following questions:

1- If Trevor had followed the six guidelines for making ethical business decisions, would he still have sold the contaminated goods? Why or why not?

(Answer yes or no after that explain)

2- Through the above case,
- explain the importance of taking ethical decisions in business

- what is the return on the institution and the employee when making these decisions based on ethics.


Al Ihsan Charity Association (ICA), an Emirates nonprofit organization, files a suit against the U.A.E Department of Justice (DOJ), claiming that a certain federal statute the DOJ is empowered to enforce conflicts with the U.A.E Constitution and with an emirate constitution.

3. In each situation in the case, which source of law has priority?


Quik Results, Inc., a Sharjah corporation, makes and sells Power Up!, a weight-gain and muscle-building supplement. Ahmad, a citizen of Abu Dhabi, sees an ad for Power Up! in WorkOut magazine and buys it in Abu Dhabi at a local health club. Within ten days of beginning to use Power Up!, Ahmad suffers internal injuries. Alleging that the injuries are caused by Power Up!, Ahmad files a suit against Quik in an Abu Dhabi court. Quik asks the court to dismiss the suit on the ground that it does not have personal jurisdiction over Quik.

4-What is the court most likely to rule why?

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