What is the difference between multimodal and intermodal

BUSS-B- 3003 Road And Rail Cargo Management - Middle East College

Learning Outcome 1: Recognize the necessity of changing organization structures in case the client choses for another mode of transport.

Assignment Objective

Aim of the Assignment is to check if students understand the necessity of changing organization structures in case the client choses for another mode of transport.

Assignment Tasks

Part A:

Problem 1:
An LSP, with the name Vos logistics Intermodal transport, has a contract with a refinery in Sohar to transports - annually - 30.000 tons of plastic granulates per container to the port of Sohar and then onwards by coast vessel to Jedda in Saudi Arabia. Vos logistics steers the whole logistic concept. If something goes wrong with the transport by container, Vos logistics will contact their road department to help them by transporting this (rush-) order by truck. Vos logistics Intermodal transport has no (internal) contract with Vos Logistics Road transport.

The specific name for this form of transport is either bi-modal transport or combined transport or hybrid transport or synchro modal transport. Choose one of them and explain why?

Problem 2:
What is the difference between multimodal and intermodal transport?

Problem 3:
Vos logistics, a logistic service provider, has his own containers, trucks and trailers. Apart from this, Vos is also a logistic service provider in the field of warehousing, packaging and stock management. Vos is often a chain director for either a part or the whole chain. Vos logistics is a logistic service provider and so a 2PL, 3PL, 3PL+, 4PL or 5PL. choose one and explain your choice.

Problem 4:
For planning and steering of moving assets (wagons, locomotives, etc.) we can use either a time-to-road diagram or a cross diagram. What are the advantages of each of them? Mention 2 of each.

Problem 5:
The container, which arrives at the port of Rotterdam incoming from China is "carrier haulage". What does that mean?

Problem 6:
There are four criteria what determines the maximum weight of a train. Explain these 4 as per your own understanding.

Problem 7:
What is the difference between a gateway and a hub and give an example of both?

Problem 8
Explain the term floating stock and state any two objectives?

Problem 9
When choosing for a mode of transport there are 7 characteristics mentioned for all modes of transport. Mention 4 of them

Problem 10
In case of horizontal handling of trailers from one mode of transport to another, more and more the Modalohr System is used. What makes this system better than the systems where they use vertical handling methods?

Part B

Problem 1

You have to transport 100.000 tons of bulk from Rio de Janeiro to Dhank (Oman) via the port of Sohar in containers.

This bulk cargo has a S.G. (Specific Gravity) of 0,70. The internal measures of the container are:

In feet




20ft container




40ft container




The price for a 20ft container from Rio to Sohar is EURO 1400,- The price for a 40ft container from Rio to Sohar is EURO 1520,-- Max. payload for both a 20ft and 40ft container is 28 tons

Post haulage between Rotterdam and Dhank (Oman) is EURO 150,-- per 20ft or 40ft container. What type of container will you choose for this concept and why?

Part C

Problem 1
The port of Jebel Ali, south of Dubai, is the largest container port in the Middle East. Due to the fact that the Persian Gulf is a dead end gulf, all ships have to return to open sea. That is why Omani ports has the best trumps to become the largest transshipment port in the mid-east. Is that still possible and how?
While writing your essay take the following topics into account:
• Geography
• Politics
• Cargo flows
• Stability (Neighboring countries)
• Competition

* MOOC reflective summary to be written, the Certificate/ Screenshot to prove completion to be attached.

Attachment:- Road And Rail Cargo Management.rar

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