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Tourism Event Audit Report

Learning Outcome 1: Distinguish between the key stakeholders in an event
Learning Outcome 2: Analyze how events impact on host communities and stakeholders.


In this assessment, the students will be assessed on their reflection on the process of organizing and staging an event that they participate or attend as visitors in HCT or outside (Preferably Tourism Related). They will detect positive and negative sides of the event organization and will write an audit report.

The student may choose an event and then they evaluate and apply critical reflection on the event based on their observation including lessons learned in the course.

Introduction & Background
Student should provide a background about the event and the type of the event, stakeholders, venue, and other related information.

Areas of Audit
Students will identify four areas for Audit and the importance of these areas in Event Management. (20 Marks) This section must include in the reflection at least 3 scholar articles as reference to support the discussion.

Students will identify and distinguish between the key stakeholders of the event and analyze their role and impact on the event. Negative and positive impact to be discussed.

Event Audit (Reflection)
Student will evaluate different aspects discussed above and should be able to analyze the negative and positive aspects of the event. Detailed reflection is required.

Conclusion & Recommendation
Students will provide recommendations on enhancing the organizing of the event for more successful ones in the future.

Attachment:- Event Management for Tourism.rar

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