The development of Qatar economy - What you have

Assignment: Photo Portfolio Assignment

Make a photo portfolio to demonstrate one of the followings:
1- The development of Qatar economy (pearling, fishing, oil discovery) 2- The development of the architectures of Qatar houses
3- The development of Qatar attires (both men and women) 4- The development of education system in Qatar

• You should compile not less 10 photos (six from the past, and four from the present), you can also draw pictures (not required, but it would be rewarded)
• Make a pamphlet
• No more than 3 photos should be on one page
• Write your name, student number, name of the course, and the name of the class on the pamphlet
• Pictures should be clear and readable

Components of the pamphlet
1- Introduction
• The subject of the photos
• Why you choose the subject
• How many photos?
• Sources?
2- Content
• Thoroughly explain the details of each photo (2 lines max)
• What did you find interesting about the photo from the historical perspective? 3- Conclusion
• What you have encountered during the process of photo collection
• What have you learned?

Group Presentation
- Each group to present on one of the assigned readings (any other material related to the theme of the week can be chosen by the students)
- Any member of the group can be randomly instructor by the inspector to present on behalf of the group
- The presentation should not last for more than 10 minutes (five minutes for presentation and another five minutes for (Q&A)
- The group should prepare not less than three WHY questions for the rest of the class, and in the event that the group failed to ask the class, the later should ask the group similar questions

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