Strategic implementation of IT/IS projects in construction:

Part A

Task 1: Produce a research article considering the following aspects of research in IEEE format: minimum 4 pages; maximum: 6 pages:
- approach to the problem and research questions, objectives
- theoretical framework; rigor of literature review
- methods or empirical analysis techniques, used data sources
- key findings and conclusions
- the importance of the research from the theoretical or empirical point of view

Your research article can include the need for IS/IT interventions within the identified organization (if any) with particular reference to information systems and information technology applications. A critical analysis of the identified organization using appropriate concepts and strategic decision-making models in relation to IS/IT strategy. A critical analysis of the strategic choices and identifying the barriers to the implementation of strategic choices. Include an analysis of chosen real-word company using appropriate concepts and decision making models. However the research should be in line with the intended LO.

The evaluation of Task 1 is done through a Poster presentation carrying 10 marks. This will be conducted in week 10. The venue and specifications of the poster presentation will be communicated to you. No marks will be awarded for Part A if poster presentation is not done.

Part B

You have been provided with the case study ‘STRATEGIC IMPLEMENTATION OF IT/IS PROJECTS IN CONSTRUCTION'. Task 2 is required to be answered based on this case study.

Task 2: Discuss in detail the strategies adopted in the case Study mentioned and critically analyze the same (approx. 1000 words).

Task 3: Prepare a report on the industry expert talk comprising an executive summary of your understanding and critical reflections. The word count should be between 700 and 800.

Part B contents must be referenced using CU Harvard style of referencing and well organised/structured.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module, the student will be able to:

1. Demonstrate a mastery of the complex skills and knowledge necessary to evaluate one or more strategic decision-making models.

2. Critically define the strategic choices that face organizations, using advanced skills in conducting research.

3. Critically identify the barriers to the implementation of strategic choices.


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