Start with talking about Skeletal Muscle in equine than

Question: Start with talking about Skeletal Muscle in equine than muscle fibres in horses and how training can affect the muscle fibres after that talk about Exercise Physiology in sport horses and the biochemical changes during exercise in sport horses more articles to include Muscle Fibre Architecture of Thoracic and Lumbar Longissimus Dorsi Muscle in the Horse (Johanna Dietrich 1,2, Stephan Handschuh 3, Robert Steidl 2, Alexandra Böhler 4, Gerhard Forstenpointner 1, Monika Egerbacher 1,?, Christian Peham 2,*,§ and Hanna Schöpper 1,?,§)

Article 1: A Scientific Background for Skeletal Muscle Conditioning in Equine Practice (J. Vet. Med. A 54, 321-332 (2007) Ó 2007 The Author Journal compilation Ó 2007 Blackwell Verlag ISSN 0931-184X) Pathways regulating equine skeletal muscle protein synthesis respond in a dose-dependent manner to graded levels of protein intake (Journal of Animal Science, 2020, Vol. 98, No. 9, 1-8)

Article 2: Coordinated changes of kinematics and muscle fibre properties with prolonged endurance training (EQUINE VETERINARY JOURNAL Eyubze vet. J., Suppl. 33 (2001) 104-108) Submaximal exercise training, more than dietary selenium supplementation, improves antioxidant status and ameliorates exercise-induced oxidative damage to skeletal muscle in young equine athletes S. H. White and L. K. Warren Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville 32611

Article 3: Platelet Lysate Enhances Equine Skeletal Muscle Regeneration in A Bupivacaine-Induced Muscle Injury ModelR (Kentaro Fukudaa,?, Taisuke Kurodaa, Norihisa Tamuraa, Hiroshi Mitaa, Hirofumi Miyatab,Yoshinori Kasashimac) Physiological and biochemical responses and hydration status in equines after two barrel racing courses1 Cláudio L.N. Gomes2*?, Andressa M. Alves3, José D. Ribeiro Filho4, Felipe J. Moraes Júnior2, Raimundo A. Barreto Júnior5,Rodrigo S. Fucuta6, Bruna M. Ribeiro7 and Leandro M. Miranda8

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