SHR039-6 Operations and Project Management, University of

Operations and Project Management

Chosen organization - Apple Inc.

Learning outcome 1: An in-depth knowledge and critical appreciation of Operations and Project Management tools and techniques for various business planning and decisions within organisations.

Learning outcome 2: Effectively determine how Operations and Project Management can support the corporate strategic plan of an organisation, improve performance and implement change while using appropriate tools to support decisions and project planning.

You need to choose an organisation with international operations for your individual report. The organisation should be discussed and agreed individually with your tutorduring BS1, or via the Discussion Boards on BREO as by Thursday in week 2.

You will then need to write an individual Business Report focused on the following operations management questions (in the format as suggested):

Title Page (including Unit code and unit name, Unit Coordinator's name, your name and student ID number, assessment number, due date, a meaningful title for your report.
Executive Summary

Table of Contents
Main Body Section 1) Critically assess the quality requirements of the organization, existing quality processes and other relevant factors
Main Body Section 2) Develop a well-thought Quality Management Plan using a Total Quality Management (TQM) framework
Main Body Section 3) Critically evaluate how TQM can contribute to the Operations Strategy and the overall strategic objectives of the organisation


More details are as follows:

Title Page (Not in word-count)
Executive Summary (not in the word-count)
Table of Contents (Not in word-count)
Main sections:

Q1 - Quality Requirements Discussion - (needed to establish requirements of operations)
For example, if Oman Air is the organisation for your assignment, you will need to do the following:
- Establishing quality requirements, focusing on service delivery, bring SERVQUAL as a lens to understand quality, bring in specific citations and information regarding Oman Air quality factors/concerns
- Citations about factual information on company, on quality requirements concept from textbook or other academic sources

Q2 - Quality Management Plan and TQM Discussion - (giving your considered recommendations to improve quality of operations)
- Focus on TQM principles of quality circles, involvement of staff at all levels, empowering staff regarding quality issues, Quality Management Plan looking at implementation of quality circles in route-basis or other organisational form, implementation of empowering staff, what does this mean? How would this be implemented?
- Citations about TQM itself from textbook or many academic sources, citations about the use of TQM in company already, if applicable from academic or (high quality) non-academic sources

Q3 - Critical Evaluation of TQM and Operations Strategy - (Connecting TQM with the strategy objectives and operations strategy)
- Highlight connection between TQM and Operations Strategy, highlight need for focus on Quality delivery (e.g. SERVQUAL) to remain competitive within industry, etc. and highlight connections between TQM implementation and overall strategic objectives
- Citations about TQM, Operations Strategy and the kind of strategic objectives you are discussing from academic sources.

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