SHR019-6 Strategy Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the

Assessment - CW-CS Case Study

Learning outcome 1: Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the tools and frameworks of strategy to perform a meaningful analysis to generate coherent strategic options and choice.

Learning outcome 2: Select and apply a range of strategy tools, concepts and frameworks appropriate to analyse unstructured problems presented by the external and internal business environment.

Background:- During the last five years, doing business has become more challenging than ever before. There are uncertainties and challenges that face all businesses. Competition is fierce and some well-established businesses are failing.

Choose a company of which you have worked/are currently working for. (IF YOU ARE NOT CURRENTLY WORKING/UNABLE to use current workplace - PLEASE ADVISE YOUR TUTOR DIRECTLY - do not just choose a particular company without prior confirmation from your tutors.)

Produce a report that uses the tools and methods covered in your strategy unit sessions to illustrate, explain and critically evaluate the following:-‘Can a business navigate through the current global challenges, so as to thrive on the other side of now?'


To successfully complete this task, you should use the tools and methods that you have discussed in your strategy business school sessions. You should look at the theoretical concepts, tools and methods discussed and use them to illustrate your discussion.

The frameworks and concepts that you choose to use need to be fully applied to the chosen company.

You should produce a focused, rigorous, evidenced and professional submission.

The work must be appropriately Harvard referenced, drawing on current academic and professional evidence.

Your work should develop your description into analysis and critically develops the key issues.
You should attempt to use between 3-5 models (use appendices as necessary) and develop your report as appropriate.

In order to pass the assessment you will need to:

Adequately evaluate, analyse, apply and discuss a range of strategic scenarios based on your analysis in order to develop some strategic options and to recommend preferred strategic options.

Show independence of thought in developing the usefulness of theory in practice applied to the company chosen. Research, select and use a range of appropriate methods/tools to develop preferred strategic options, using the discussions from your classes and further reading so as todemonstrate justification of the choice(s).

The assignment will draw on the learning form the:-
• Strategy and the planning process
• External environmental analysis
• Internal resources and strengths.
• Issues of change - political, economic, technological, environmental.
• Solution identification.
• Strategy implementation , innovation, evaluation and managing change

Attachment:- Strategy - Assignment.rar

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