SHR011-6 Leadership Project, Critically evaluate

Assessment - Summative Assessment

Learning outcome 1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding

Critical appreciation of how types of leadership/management styles differ depending on history, culture, geographic life and conditions and how they impact people performance, followers and productivity.

Learning outcome 2: Demonstrate the following skills and abilities

Critically evaluate leadership/management styles, leadership problems and challenges and your personal leadership capabilities and needs for future development.

You will produce a written report of 5,000 words (+/- 10%) that critically assesses and evaluates current leadership theory and synthesises a model of leadership drawn from authoritative academic sources. You will then use this as a basis forevaluating the leadership in your organisation, reflectingon how your leadership practice fits in with this and what steps you will take to develop your approach to leadership in the future.

It is anticipated that you will tackle this assignment in 3 logical stages.

1. Synthesise a theoretical model of leadership from a critical analysis of modern leadership theory, making specific reference to contextual factors arising in the Middle East.

2. Evaluate your current organisation against your theoretical model of leadership identifying how the types of leadership/management styles you observe impact people, performance, and productivity, suggesting a future leadership strategy for your organisation

3. Reflect on your personal leadership development. How have you developed your leadership skills to date? What formative influences have been on you, and how do these relate to leadership theory? How does this reflection guideyou to your future development as a leader?

A suggested structure for the written report would include the following:

This assignment can be divided into three sections.

1. Critical evaluation of leadership theory

Synthesise a model of leadership appropriate for the Middle East from a consideration of current and emerging aspects ofleadership theory,
a. Note that this must not be a description of differing leadership models but a critical review of leadership concepts leading to a closely argued model of leadership, appropriately referenced. It is expected that primary sources will be used.
b. You should pay particular attention to the contextual issues of leadership in the Middle Eastand discuss how this affects your model

2. Critical evaluation of leadership practice in your organisation and your fit in it.
An evaluation of the leadership practice and structures prevalent in your organisation.
a. Using your leadership model developed in 1, discuss how the practice of leadership in your organisation relates to your theoretical model of leadership
b. In what way does your organisation's approach to leadership differ from your competitors (local or global)?
c. To what extent are these differences positive points of differentiation or negative traits of the organisation?

3. A personal reflection of your leadership development - past and future

Having examined leadership theory and developed a model of leadership which you have used toevaluate your organisation in sections 1 & 2 above, you are invited to use these to reflect on your personal leadership development.
a. Identify how your leadership capabilities have developed historically, comparing and contrasting these to academic theory (You may use the personal leadership audit you developed in Assignment 1).
b. Evaluate your personal model of leadership in the context of your current organisation-what conclusions do you draw?
c. Critically review your current situation. What steps in your development as a leader do you think you need to take to achieve your future goals?

Sections 1 &2 should be closely referenced and argued from a base of theory and observation, and each should result in clear conclusions. The final section, which is a personal reflection drawing together the theory and practice of leadership as it relates to you, is the most important section and the one that is the hardest to complete. Glib observations will not be sufficient to get a good pass. The requirement is for you to developaclosely argued analytical reflection of your personal leadership journey - evidenced and supported by thoughtful reference to your observations of leadership theory and descriptions of practice that you have developed in the previous sections.

• Assess and demonstrate an understanding of how varying leadership styles impact the organisation sector and systems
• Evaluate and compare the impact of leadership types upon followers.
• Reflect on aspects of your leadership capability and needs for future personal and organisational development

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