Routing and Switching - COMP 20015 - Compare and contrast


Task 1:

Submit a work proposal for this assignment on or before 28th November, 2018, which must include:

• Understanding of deliverables - a detail description of deliverables
• General overview of proposed plan - initial understanding of solution to all the tasks
• Resources identified

Task 2:

Write a detailed report on ACL (Access Control List) and STP (Spanning Tree Protocol). The report should have literature review about the different types of access control lists and STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) from various published sources.

Task 3:

As a computer network professional, you have to prepare a report on the following:

a) Evaluate IPV6 editions of the routing protocols RIPNG, OSPFv3, and EIGRP based on the following:
i. Scalability
ii. Routing Overhead
iii. Network Convergence
b) Types of VLAN memberships

Learning Outcomes:

1. Compare and contrast distance vector routing protocols and link state routing protocols.
2. Achieve network security and optimal performance using ACL
3. Examine the fundamental concepts and techniques of layer 2 switching, including spanning tree protocols and virtual LANs.

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