Review this article - On the Fidelity of Implementing

Please review this article and follow the guide line

Article - On the Fidelity of Implementing Embedded Formative Assessments and Its Relation to Student Learning by Erin Marie Furtak, Jonathan T. Shemwell and Carlos C. Ayala

1 Cover Page: Title, student's name, course name & code and any other related information.

2 Introduction: After reading the introduction will the reader be able to form and get an idea as to what to expect in the forthcoming pages? Does it explain the objective of the topic, its importance and value?

3 Identify the article: Gives correct information about the author and the article. The purpose of the article. Does it explain the relationship of the article to the course (PA).

4 Summary of the article: Provides brief description of the article. Shows evidence of analytical thinking in the summary section. Makes appropriate use of summarising vocabulary. Does it provide a brief idea about various parts of the article?

5 Critique of the article: Provides an evaluation indicating the balance that is seen to exist between the strengths and weaknesses of the article. Makes appropriate use of evaluation vocabulary. Identifies gaps and recommends new research areas. What things were well discussed and what were not.

6 Linkage of the article content and theme to education in the UAE. Can this strategy, method, technique or tool be implemented in P.A. in the UAE? Why and Why not? What things to be utilized and invested in programs currently used.

7 Conclusion: Summarises the previous discussion. Makes a final judgement and opinion on the value of the article. Comments on the future of the issue/topic or implications of the view expressed.

8 References, Citation and turnitin percentage.

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