Research and provide 3 different quality assurance

KFC Restaurant

Task 1- Research and provide 3 different quality assurance specifications for raw materials and foodstuffs (ingredients) from suppliers.

Task 2- Provide 3 existing policies and procedures and monitoring practices (from the internet), which could include, training, PPE wearing, record keeping, monitoring, or any other policy regarding pre-requisite programs.

Task 3- Identify 5 stakeholders who should be consulted and liaised with?

Task 4- Which regulatory practices that need to be adopted for developing a food safety program? Relevant UAE laws and codes.

Task 5- Identify 5 critical control points in food preparation system where food hazards must be controlled (space, utensils, equipment)

Task 6- What 5 systematic monitoring of controls and record keeping procedures need to be in place?

Task 7- What 5 training programs need to be conducted to employees?

Task 8- How often and by whom the food safety program is reviewed?

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