Reflection on what you hope to change in the future and how

Case: Sheikh Zayed Case Study Reflection Paper.

Each participant will write a reflection paper on one aspect of the strategic leadership of Sheikh Zayed. This paper is not intended to be an opinion piece, but rather a reflection on the CCL strategic leadership concepts that Sheikh Zayed used to promote vision and organizational change.

The paper must present theoretical concepts from the core text and provide cited evidence of the use of that concept in the development of the UAE as a union, or during his time as ruler of Abu Dhabi.

Participants are encouraged to use the 3 course readings only (attached ), not allowed to incorporate evidence from outside readings. Reflection should be critical in nature and inform the reader of challenges presented and how they were overcome. Finally, the paper should conclude with your reflection on what you hope to change in the future and how this review will impact your work and relationships with others.

The paper should be between 1500-1800 words in length and This paper should also address the key strategic leadership challenges:

1- spanning boundaries

2-leveraging Polarities

3- shaping culture

4-leading change


1. Becoming a Strategic Leader - Your Role in Your Organization's Enduring Success by Richard L. Hughes, Katherine Colarelli and Beatty David L. Dinwoodie

2. ECSSR With United Strength HH Shaikh Zayid Bin Sultan Al Nahyan - Defense and Preservation

3. Wilson Man Who Built Nation Chapter Four - The Early Years

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