Recognize the droplets from a video using computer vision

Open CVC++ Language

1- For the first section, you are required to recognize the droplets from a video using computer vision algorithms that is taken by a high-speed camera during the droplet 3D printing process. The video can be found from the attached below:

Find below for the detailed tasks of the topic you need to follow, indicative effort in brackets:

• You will need to recognize the inner droplet.
• You will need to recognize the outer wrap.
• You will need to count for all the successfully formed droplets.
• You will need to do centre of mass/blob detection.

Python Language

2- Following above, it will be for NN tasks, r2222222222222222t022222220 0 0 shown below, trained by the CIFAR-10 dataset, to classify the images given by me.

Python Language

Write a technical report for this with the (a) demonstration of its theorical contents, maths, etc;

(b) by adjusting the parameters, analysis in what situation, the system has best recognition performance;

(c) compare your designing with the one in Practical 9, write down the critical analysis for it.

517_Python Language.jpg

(d) It is designed with MLP convolutional layers and propose global mean pooling, you need to assure the accuracy is over 90%. Its architecture is given in a table below, which you need to refer for the design of your NN model:

1894_Python Language1.jpg

Report :
1- Writing: description of the methods you used, theory on code implementation, use of English and Figures
2- Mathematics: math equations will be your model of the system, maths in your coding & report need to be both used and presented correctly
3- Source Code: quality, extent and commentary.

Attachment:- Coursework.rar

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