Quality and Operations Management - Describe the importance

Case Study

Stevenson, W.(2021),Operations Management,14th. Ed.,McGraw-Hill

Question 1: Describe the importance of inventory management as it relates to the Farmers Restaurant

Question 2: What ordering system would be best for this situation?

Question 3: Given the following information, provide an example of how much of Farmers Sausage Gravy Mix should be ordered. You are doing the order for Thursday. Also, Kristin would like a ser¬vice level of 95%, and you have found that there is a standard deviation of 3.5 units per week, and a moving average weekly demand of 35 servings. The gravy mix comes in packs of two servings. There are currently three packs in inventory.

Question 4: Given the above information and an on-hand inventory of 12, determine the risk of stock out at the end of initial lead time and at the end of the second lead time. The lead time is 2 days and orders are placed once a week.

Question 5: The supplier Kristin uses is located in Ohio. Why might Kristin consider dealing with a nearby supplier instead of the one in Ohio? What reasons might there be for not switching suppliers?

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