Provide a development plan explaining how will you develop

General instructions

Report must be submitted online through Turnitin before due date. An acknowledgement will be given to you by your teacher upon presentation of the finance clearance. This is your receipt, keep it.

Assessment DetailsReport

This Report comprises 50% of the total assessments marks. This will develop the following skills:
- Analytical skills. The reflection report enables the students to analyse and evaluate the benefits of the different activities done in the class. This skill will eventually help them evaluate options necessary to make decisions in the workplace.

In addition, the assessment will test the following learning outcomes:
- Achieve a greater level of independence in the process of learning;
- Show evidence of reflective practice and personal development
- Develop library and basic research skills including, note taking, online and computer searches, required to complete presentations, reports, essays etc.Pg. 7 Version 1

Assessment Task

Your task is to prepare 2000-word REPORT


The main topic of your report is Writing Skills; you are required to search and mention different types of academic writing practiced by college students.

Your assignment task should contain FIVE sections:
a. Introduction (200 words)
o Introduce the main topic by defining the term Writing Skills (provide citation)
o Mention the objectives of your report
b. Writing Skills (800 words)
In this part you need to focus on the following points
o Mention why it is essential for college students to acquire Writing Skills?
o State the difference between Analytical and Descriptive writing.
c. Development Plan (800 words)
o Provide a development plan explaining how will you develop Writing skill in college
o Discuss how writing skills will help you in your future career.
d. Conclusion (200 words)
Summarise the above discussion and provide a conclusion.
e. References
You must use at least FIVE (published after 2014) academic sources. Include proper in-text citations and a reference list at the end of your assignment. Follow the Harvard referencing style.

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