Project's Goal - to design a database using Microsoft

Assignment - Need to solve this in Microsoft access follow by instructions, below are some of the steps Table= create - table - save Query= Create - query design - choose the table you need - double click - then choose the field - then "run" on top left- save relationship= database tools - choose the table- drag the same field - save.


Project's Goal - to design a database using Microsoft Access as DBMS (Database Management System).

Main Component of Database -

2 tables -> (Student, Profs)

Queries -> (Create a query that display all the customer who are . . . . )



Notes: To connect 2 tables there must be something in common.

You must have a primary key/unique key such as ID Number, Mobile Number (to differ)

Queries and Reports are very similar

Table 1 of Databese

1. Choose 10 Fields/Columns (Student Name, Student ID, Mobile No, Nationality, Address, Emirates ID, Gender, Email Address, University, Occupations, Martial Status, DOB, area city)

2. Make 20 Records/Rows of each fields (Total of Students)

Table 2 of Databese

1. 5 Profs, Choose S Fields (Name, ID, Faculty, Email Address, University)

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