Produce a Briefing Paper of around 2 pages, but fully

Conventional Global Energy Systems

Task: To produce a Briefing Paper of around 2 pages, but fully utilising the allowable word-count, that evaluates the future prospects for one of the following technologies:

• Carbon Capture & Storage
• Hydrogen
• Nuclear Fusion
• Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Your Briefing Paper should resemble a professional document with the following guidance:
- A Briefing Paper can be written in an essay style or as an article with sub-headings. There should be NO Report type structure, however.
- There should be a simple title page showing Module Code, your name, ID number and date.
- Inclusion of an Executive Summary, and a Table of Contents, neither of which are required, will result in a mark penalty.
- The start point for your Briefing Paper should be the current year (2022), and the future timeline should be no more than 10 years.(2022 to 2032)
- You can choose to either make the briefing country-specific or a global overview.
- Referencing as per APA guide 7th Addition methodology.

Attachment:- Global Energy Systems.rar

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