Principles of Retailing Assignment - Write an essay on the

"Plan your store layout from a customer point of view (not your own!)" by Miriam simon.

Store layout is a significant factor driving consumer response in retailing. Store layout has its own way to influence customer's shopping. It is characterized by increasing competition and more sophisticated, customers have gigantic expectations related to their consumption experiences (Griffith, 2005).

- Write an essay on the Impact of retail Store design & layout on customer mind.
- form a group of MAX 4 students BUT not less than 3 students.
1- Write your literature review on the previous topic (800 words)
2- Use a case of a known retailer (600- 800 words)
3- Apply the wheel of retailing on this same retailer (max 200 words)
4- Prepare for your presentations

Attachment:- Principles of Retailing Assignment.rar

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