Presentation on The effective manager in healthcare

CIQHC701 Healthcare Management and Leadership - westford university college

Learning Outcome 1: Evaluate healthcare strategies and organizational behavior in the healthcare sector.
Learning Outcome 2: Critically analyze healthcare quality, patient safety and prevention of medical errors.
Learning Outcome 3: Critically appraise different leadership styles and approaches in the healthcare industry.
Learning Outcome 4: Critically analyze the essentials of good healthcare financial management.

Task 1: Presentation:

presentation should be prepared on the topic "The effective manager in healthcare industry of the 21 century" and should include information about the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective manager in the healthcare sector, description of the external context in which healthcare organizations operate, how they should be managed, and analytical techniques that can be applied to decision making processes within the health sector. The presentation should be on Power Point and consist of 20 slides maximum (22 slides with title and final slide included). All references must strictly adhere to the Harvard Referencing System. Students should make use of images, graphs, tables, illustration, maps that makes the work interesting. Every presentation will be prepared as a group effort - there would be 8 groups with 5 students each. Duration of the live presentations should not exceed 20 minutes. Every student in the group must present individually online 4 slides of the presentation.

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