Present the project and communicate appropriate

Managing a Successful Business Project

Learning Outcome 1: Establish project aims, objectives and timeframes based on the chosen theme

Learning Outcome 2: Conduct small-scale research, information gathering and data collection to generate knowledge to support the project

Learning Outcome 3: Present the project and communicate appropriate recommendations based on meaningful conclusions drawn from the evidence findings and/or analysis

Learning Outcome 4: Reflect on the value gained from conducting the project and its usefulness to support sustainable organisational performance.

Assignment Brief

Below is a given example of a theme and topic (you will need to refer to the current theme and topic for the year of your delivery, this is just an example) that has been selected.

Theme: Wellbeing in the workplace

Topic: What wellbeing initiatives have businesses taken to improve employee retention?

*Top Tip - It is important to remember that the assignment must provide the student with the opportunity to achieve the Learning Outcomes through undertaking work related to the theme and topic, rather than being an assignment about the topic.

You are employed as an assistant within the professional development team of an organisation [named organisation/an organisation of your choice - your own place of work if appropriate].

You have been asked to conduct a small scale project, in the form of an investigative case study, into the wellbeing of the employees within the organisation which is to be presented as a business case for management on how to improve employee retention through recommended initiatives. The project will involve investigating how the organisation implements wellbeing, investigating good practice within other businesses and collating employee feedback. This will be presented to your line manager as a business case with proposals to implement wellbeing practices, followed by a performance review in which you will need to reflect upon the project in relation to your own personal and professional development.

To ensure the project is managed effectively you will complete an online project logbook as you progress through the project.
*Top Tip - The assignment brief must set the context and scenario within the parameters of the theme and topic.
*Top Tip - The type of project chosen for the selected topic should allow for a sufficient degree of research through the existence of adequate background materials and allow for the depth and breadth of study suitable for a level 4 qualification.

In order to conduct you project successfully to produce your business case you will need take the following steps:

Step 1 - Project planning
1. Devise a project management plan to map out how you intend to meet the project objectives:
Begin with the scope. What activities and tasks as defined in your project must be done in orderto make the project a success?
Note the milestones or major events or phases in your project.
Provide details of activities to be carried out initiation, planning and execution of the project.
Create a work break down structure using a Gantt chart to track the activities to be undertaken.

Step 2 - Conduct primary and secondary research
Devise a short questionnaire/ or interview questions to complete with employees within the organisation. Include questions on how they define wellbeing, what the organisation currently has in place to support wellbeing and what they feel could be done better to support theirwellbeing.
Research at least two other organisations to see what type of wellbeing initiatives they have.
Research the value and benefits of addressing wellbeing in terms of improving employeeretention.
Focus on areas of good practice to build and support your business case.

Step 3 - Present Findings
Collate your research and analyse your findings.
Produce and present the business case including an evaluation of tools used to gather research and data to justify your recommendations for implementing wellbeing initiatives.

Step 4 - Reflective Practice
1. Complete a performance review with your line manager to critically reflect upon the project plan, process and outcomes in terms of your own personal and professional development. Think about how well you have performed and achieved your project objectives, what obstacles did you have to overcome? Wat worked well or not well? What have you learnt from completing this project?
* Top Tip - Students will need to reflect on the success of their project and their own performance in a personal performance review at the end of the project. It is advisable to provide students with an appropriate structure for this reflection.

Attachment:- Successful Business Project.rar

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